Towards Peace

Spiritual support for survivors of abuse by Catholic Church personnel in Ireland


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Reflections from Survivors

Click here to read written reflections by people who have been abused by Catholic Church personnel. For some people, their faith life may be too shattered for words or repair; for other people, their faith may be what is holding them together.


Online resources

Click here to explore a selection of resources available online – research papers, blog postings, reflections, interviews – for people who have been affected by abuse in a Church context. These resources have been selected for both those who have been abused and those who seek to support them.



Click here for a selection of books that can be ordered, for anyone seeking to understand the complexity of the spiritual impact of abuse by clergy/religious, and the role that spirituality can play in healing from trauma.



The following are links to organisations involved in the safeguarding of children and in supporting adult survivors of abuse. This list includes organisations involved in acknowledging the spiritual impact of the abuse and providing pastoral or spiritual support.

Republic of Ireland


Northern Ireland


Wider UK