Towards Peace

Safe spaces to connect with your own spirituality, with your sense of God and your journey Towards Peace

These are reflections and testimonials shared by those who have availed of Towards Peace: 

When we are abused by priests our whole core is damaged. We lose trust and confidence in ourselves, God and others. After all these were God’s people with the role of bringing the good news of love and forgiveness to us all. When I took the big risk of meeting and sharing my story with my spiritual companion, my life changed. I was able for the first time to start my inward journey of healing. I started to untie the knots that prevented the dream God had for me coming true. We cannot do this journey alone. I hope people who are hurting will reach out for help in realising that they are very special and deserve peace and joy in their lives. It is not an easy journey but believe me it is possible. 

– Brid



“I would like to thank Towards Peace from my heart, for connecting me to my Spiritual Companion.  Because of my own personal past experiences, and indeed other members of my family, I felt so betrayed, confused, broke and lost.  I am getting older, weaker, fragile and in a lot of emotional, physical and mental pain. I felt a great need for spiritual direction to help me to prepare to meet my God.”

– Anonymous


“Towards Peace has given me the opportunity to address the impact that abuse by a Catholic priest has had on my life – particularly my vocation, faith and relationship with Jesus/God. I have felt heard, respected and understood as I work through the spiritual consequences of the abuse in my daily life. In working with a spiritual companion, I hope to come to a place of peace and acceptance in my spiritual life and faith journey and hopefully come to believe and feel that there is a loving God in my life as I have lost all sense of this over the years because of the abuse.”

– Anonymous