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A selection of resources available online – research papers, blog postings, reflections, interviews – for people who have been affected by abuse in a Church context. These resources have been selected for both those who have been abused and those who seek to support them.


Abuse by Clergy/Religious

‘Religion-related Child Physical Abuse: Characteristics and psychological outcomes’ – Research paper by Bottoms, Nielsen, Murray & Filipas

‘Responding well to those who have been sexually abused: Policy and guidance for the Church of England’ – Document by COE Archbishops Council


Traumatic Impact of Abuse

‘The Traumatic Impact of Child Sexual Abuse: A conceptualization’ – Research paper by Finkelhor & Browne

‘Impact of Sexual Abuse: A review of the research’ – Research paper by Browne & Finkelhor

‘Sexual Trauma & Abuse: Restorative & Transformative Possibilities?’ – Research report by Dr. Marie Keenan and Facing Forward


Spiritual Impact of Trauma / Role of Spirituality in Healing

‘When Faith Hurts: The spiritual impact of child abuse’ – Blog post by Victor Vieth

‘The Spiritual Wounds of Abuse’ – Article by Hans Zollner SJ

‘Spirituality and Trauma: An Essay’ – Essay by Robert Grant

‘Trauma and Spirituality’ – Book chapter by Peter Levine in Measuring the Immeasurable: The scientific case for spirituality by Daniel Goleman

‘Discerning and Transforming Spiritual Trauma: A harm reduction-based approach to social (justice) work’ – A paper by Edward Kruk

Radio Interview with Bessel van der Kolk by Krista Tippet of On Being

‘Trauma, Addiction and Spirituality’ – Paper presentation by Robert Grant

‘Spirituality and Resilience in Trauma Victims’ – Paper by Peres, Moreira-Almeida, Nasallo & Koenig in Journal of Religion and Health (46: 342-350, 2007)

‘Trauma, Spirituality and Recovery: Towards spiritually-integrated psychotherapy’ – Paper by Donald Meichenbaum

‘How to provide spiritually-sensitive trauma care’ – Paper by Janice Harris Lord

‘Spirituality and Trauma: Professionals working together’ – Web article by National Centre for PTSD

‘Trauma and PTSD Symptoms: Does spiritual struggle mediate the link?’ – Research paper by Wortmann, Park & Edmondson


Spiritual Direction with Trauma (including Abuse) Survivors

‘Spiritual Impact of Trauma: Trauma and Spiritual Direction’ – Blog post by Robert Grant

‘Spiritual Direction and Survivors of Sexual Abuse’ – Paper by Beth Crisp in The Way

‘Spiritual Direction in the Face of Trauma’ – Reflection by Erin Jantz

‘What’s Love Got to Do with It?’: Theodicy, Trauma and Divine Love – Article by Hilary Jerome Scarsella in The Other Journal

‘The Spiritual Impact of Abuse’ – Reflection by Diane Langberg

‘Real-izing the Sacred, Spiritual Direction and Social Constructionism’ – Paper by Duane Bidwell in Journal of Pastoral Theology

Interview with Shelly Rambo by Duke Divinity School

Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction

Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review

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  • Recommended article: ‘A Pathway to Wholeness: Facing faith trauma in Boston and Ireland’ by Bob Bowers (Autumn 2010, 277-287)