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Some Recent updates from Towards Peace 

October 2021

Webinar for Bishops and Congregational Leaders

 Continuing our webinar programme, Bishops and Congregational Leaders were invited to attend a webinar entitled: Towards Peace – healing woundedness one soul at a time. The aim in hosting this webinar was to seek to empower Church leaders to understand at a deeper level the importance and ongoing relevance of Towards Peace.

Upwards of fifty people logged on to Zoom to hear powerful inputs from the two main contributors, Bernadette Fahy, a member of the Towards Peace Oversight Committee and a survivor of institutional abuse and Sister Margaret Mary Joyce SSL, a spiritual companion and a member of the Towards Peace panel. Although both had spoken previously at our webinar for the Towards Healing therapists, this was a very different experience and given the feedback both on the evening and subsequently, it appeared to have a profound impact on those who participated. The webinar was recorded and a copy was made available to the AMRI leadership teams.

December 2021

On December 6th we held our annual half day of prayer and reflection for the spiritual companions and members of the Oversight Committee. Entitled ‘Coming Home – a reflective Space for Advent, due to Covid restrictions this event took place virtually and was facilitated by Dee Hennessy a spiritual companion on the Towards Peace panel.  

Feedback from those who attended was universally positive and Towards Peace is grateful to Dee for giving so generously of her time and expertise to raise awareness of the importance of self- care, particularly with regard to the ongoing work of Towards Peace.

March 2022

The fourth webinar in our promotion and awareness raising for Towards Peace was held for the Safeguarding Community on March 29th 2022. Given that members of the Safeguarding Community are very often the first person a victim or survivor of abuse may encounter,  the webinar proved to be a very valuable awareness raising exercise as to what is involved in the service of Towards Peace and how the Safeguarding Community can serve to direct people towards the  service.

May 2022

Towards Peace was invited by the National Steering Committee to participate in the Synodal Process and responded to the invitation in two ways: by consulting with eight survivors and by reflecting on its own experience of working with survivors. This following submission is the culmination of that work

Consolidated submission  on behalf of Towards Peace June 22 (005).pdf

June 2022

Towards Peace was represented at the Synodal Gathering in Athlone and was also part of the prayer service in Clonmacnoise.

August 2022

At the launch of the National Synthesis Report in August 2022, the Towards Peace submission outlining the experiences of the Survivors in their treatment by the Church, was sent to Rome as a separate appendix to the main report.

September 2022.

The Towards Peace Coordinator was invited to be a guest at part of the AGM of AMRI, as they launched their national strategic plan, A Future with Hope

October 2022

The Towards Peace Coordinator addressed the priests of the archdiocese of Tuam at their in-service training days on Caring for the Spirit.

November 2022

 At the request of the Safeguarding Designated Liaison Person, Towards Peace provided an in-house workshop to Dominican student seminarians as part of their formation training.