Towards Peace

Safe spaces to connect with your own spirituality, with your sense of God and your journey Towards Peace

Breige O’Hare was trained as a spiritual director by the Jesuits at Manresa in Dublin and holds a MA in Pastoral Theology and a Certificate in Counselling from QUB.  Breige has worked in spiritual direction and adult faith development for over fifteen years.  She is based in Belfast, where she recently helped establish, a Christian Centre for Psychological and Spiritual wellbeing, with Rev Alan Lorimer, a Methodist minister and CBT therapist.  She also offers one-to-one sessions, group programmes and retreats for adult Christians in various locations in UK/Ireland.  Breige is author of two books, The Nearness of God: Rediscovering God’s Love and Longing (Shanway Press 2011) and Whole Parish Catechesis: Faith development for the Faint Hearted (Columba Press, 2005).